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Bob Batts – Club Secretary

I have always been involved with sport, in one format or another since I was at school, either running for the county, or canoeing across the English Channel.
Before coming into archery in 2016/17, I was involved with a local canoe / kayaking club where I held the office of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer from its infancy in 1997 – 2010
In that time the club refurbished and rebuild its club house and won the prestigious award Canoe England’s “Club of The Year” along with Shropshire “Club of the Year”.
Because my working background had been in People Development for many years, I decided to gain my Canoe England coaching qualifications and then became a member of the coaching staff.
Due to a going through a period of illness, I decided to leave canoeing /kayaking. Then in 2016/17 I decided I had always had an interest in archery, but never did anything about it. I did the beginners course with Croesoswallt Archers and then in 2018 I gained my Archery GB Coaching Qualifications and since then, I have been a part of the club’s coaching team.
I am very passionate about the development of people in sport, the reward for coaches is seeing those who you have coached, go on and progress and do well in their chosen sport.
For people to progress in their sport you also need a club foundation that is forward looking and willing to develop and put in place opportunities for members to develop. I certainly believe Croesoswallt Archers is doing that.

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