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April 3, 2021

Our First Bow Workshop

Our first workshop was an introduction to bow setup. A small group of members attended, this number was dictated by both covid restrictions and the need for our superb coaching team, led by Lyn Anderson in this workshop, to be able to give adequate attention to each team member. The workshop was well received and we had great feedback from the attendees. Hopefully this workshop and many more will be organised in the near future.

“The course was excellent for me, well presented, clear and instructive.
There were quite a few things that helped my bow set-up resulting in a much quieter sound on string release. Adjustments were made to plunger/centre shot position, brace height and string location to the limb groove specifically.
Lyn was patient when constantly bombarded with questions and supported by David produced an excellent practical workshop.”


”After starting out on the road into archery, setting up the bow is one thing that tends to be picked up bit-by-bit along the way, and not always to best effect. One can only learn so much by reading books and watching videos, but there is great benefit in having someone guide you through the process and clear up any misunderstandings you may otherwise pick up. This session was perfect, and I would say is a necessary part of your early stages in learning archery. Whatever level your equipment may be, getting the best out of it can only come from having it set up correctly and consistently. After all, when you buy a guitar the first thing you learn, even before you learn to play it, is how to tune it.

I would be pleased to see this training become part of the process for all post-Beginner’s Course novices in the sport”.  

“I thought it was excellent and yes definitely learned something new. Lyn was particularly engaging and explained things very well. Many thanks to you also for arranging it and providing first class refreshments. 
Would definitely recommend.”


“Lyn and David’s workshop was excellent. Lilly and I gained an understanding of basic bow set up. I discovered not only that my bow was set up totally wrong but also that the previous owner had destroyed all of the Allen bolts needed to adjust it properly so the only downside to the workshop is that I am on the hunt for a new riser.”


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