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Colin Chapman – Equipment Officer

I took up Archery approximately 5 yrs ago having been introduced to the sport courtesy of a hotel chain who run ‘ Have a go’  sessions as part of their stay experience, A walk through my local hospital grounds on a occasion led me to stumble on a few archers shooting on their field. Following a discussion with one or two members, I was informed that it was the “Croesoswallt Archery club” shooting. Advised that it was a long established club and had in fact had a long association with the hospital since the mid 50’s.  Very soon after, I enrolled on a Beginners Course which I thoroughly enjoyed, afterwards becoming a member of AGB and of course the club itself.

It was a small group of Archers at that point and having got to know several members of the committee it became evident that the current Equipment officer was standing down and a replacement was required, I volunteered for this role and I am responsible for keeping an eye on all of our equipment, repairing or replacing arrows, nocks, fletchings etc as necessary so that we have a good range of equipment ready for use on the courses we run. I also  keep an itinerary up to date of all our kit and help maintain stands and bosses with the help of other members.

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