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The Journey Begins, Croesoswallt Archers move to a field and set up a range in the grounds of the British Ironworks, Oswestry.  Working Party Clears Field.......


July 8th 2021


A working party went to the new field this weekend and cleared the rubbish from the area ready for the range to be set out.

New Field Development


The club since formation in 1957 had been based at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry. With prospective plans being formulated for expansion of the hospital and facilities, it was decided to seek an alternative and larger field to enable the club to expand & grow in membership.

After viewing and discarding alternative options, an approach was made to Mr Clive Knowles at the British Ironworks Centre who was extremely supportive of the club moving onto his land and offered the use of the field now in use. This field is sized at circa 10+ acres but needed significant work prior to use as an Archery Range. The following pictures and comments hopefully show the extent of the work that was required.


First sight of the field showed it was circa 10+ acres in size with enormous potential but a significant amount of work was needed to make it ready for use.  Mr Knowles, very kindly laid in an access road and car parking area plus a base area on which containers could be laid for use as storage for the various club equipment.


A local farmer had at this stage cut the field for silage. There was however a significant amount of rubbish to be cleared from the field; mainly pallet boards and tyres. The first container delivered and sited, with ongoing work to paint over the container side facing the field.


The field now being gradually/incrementally cut and the grass height reduced by use of a loan Ride-On mower; the club’s one still on order at this point. A significant amount of grass cuttings had to be hand raked and cleared from the field.


A working party was organised to clear the unwanted rubbish from the field. The removed rubbish consisted of metal sheeting, wood posts but mainly rubber tyres. Temporarily stored alongside the container.


The “North” range field marked out with pegs and the first target stands set out. 


Foam Bosses implemented after white lining the ”North” range.

The “South “ range marked out and target stands set up ( some with foam bosses).


The field finally beginning to “green up” after all the cutting and manual raking.

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