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The Porta-loo Saga    15th March 2021

Since moving up to our fabulous new range, it became evident that without toilet facilities we were going to limit ourselves in what we could offer in the future for fellow and would be archers.

If we are going to hold bigger events, competitions, ‘Have a go days’ etc. toilets were going to be an absolute necessity, the decision then came around to what type do we require? 

Cost was an issue, but we had to speculate to accumulate as it were. We only wanted to do this once so we decided that purchasing the larger accessible portaloo was the answer. This could double up as a changing room if required.
On arrival, as some of you may know, they were placed on plastic matting as a temporary measure till a more permanent base could be installed.

The relatively easy! and lower cost solution was to acquire paving slabs to be laid on a coarse sand base for a more permanent fix for the ‘pods’, the base had to be large enough to accommodate wheelchair access as well to cover all bases.

So, work began early March with a small working party to manually dig out the grass and heavy sodden soil to prepare for the laying of very heavy 3×2’ concrete slabs, nearly killed us but as you can see by enclosed photos looks pretty good.

These will have been seen on Facebook for those who have an account with them.

Each pod is lockable at the end of an archery session and is equipped with disinfectant sprays and hand sanitisers, clearly we would respectfully ask that the ‘pods’ are left in a clean condition following use.


New Moveable Target   26th May 2021


This new target has been placed on Lane 9 of the North Range today and this evening was used for first time to good effect by Mike Baker.


First he completed his 252 Award at 80yds on it – well done Mike – before moving it back to 90m and start practicing at that distance.  

This stand is the latest in Tony’s design of heavy-duty all-weather stands and since moving to the British Ironworks shooting ground this is the 16th stand made by him.


This doesn’t include the 4 pre-existing stands that he has modified (beefed up) plus the stand made by Colin.


All good “work in progress” as there are more target stands yet to be made in order to fully populate all lanes of all our ranges.

Club House Update          2nd September 2021


The club took delivery of a converted and insulated container for use as a clubhouse in early July curtesy of Mr Clive Knowles. It arrived in a bright blue colour but was soon planned to be painted in a more subtle, background blending forest green. The external re painting is currently ongoing and to be followed by an internal lick of paint to freshen up the appearance. It is equipped with a work top and sink and has full electrics, however nothing is currently connected/plumbed-in as it’s position is temporary. There is a butane gas stove, mugs (thanks John Taylor) and a supply of water if you fancy a brew but you will be required to bring your choice of drink + milk and sugar!!

The future plan as currently envisaged is to move the clubhouse container so that it sits on top of our range storage container whereby decking and stairs would be put in place to be able to use it and enjoy commanding views over the range. This of course will all take time and is scheduled by the range owner Mr Clive Knowles.

You may also by now be aware that there are grand plans for a more substantial clubhouse to be built by the BIC for our use plus occasionally Clive’s family members. We have no details or dates as yet for the commencement of this project.

Very exciting times ahead but all this takes time and for the most part it is out of our hands so we have to be patient, when one considers what we have achieved in just over twelve months with limited resources and small working parties; we should be very proud of where we are now compared to where we were not too long ago.

24 Hour Non Stop Archery Charity Event


Croesoswallt Archery club held a charity shoot in the summer of 2023 for 2 very worthwhile charities, which are very dear to me, these charities are:


Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital:

My daughter was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, which has affected her life considerably in many ways, this is a horrible condition that attacks the nervous system, and can be life threatening, and at present there is no cure.


Alder Hey Children’s Hospital:

 I currently coach a young 11-year-old girl, who has severe Epilepsy, she was diagnosed with this condition when she was 7 months old , she can have seizures every day of the week and sometimes more than one in a day. Her schooling is disrupted due to seizures and other than archery which she can cope with in small sessions, finds it really hard to do other sports and things in life that other children do naturally. Alder Hay have been brilliant with her over the years and are now looking at doing a major brain operation on her to try and alleviate the symptoms.

 This is a fantastic hospital that does fantastic things for children and their families. 

We raised a very healthy 3 thousand pounds which was divided between these 2 great charities so that they can continue their brilliant work

The event poster can be found here

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