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Coaching Team

Bob Batts – Level 1 Coach

I did the beginners course with Croesoswallt Archers and then in 2018 I gained my Archery GB Coaching Qualifications and since then, I have been a part of the club’s coaching team.

I am very passionate about the development of people in sport, the reward for coaches is seeing those who you have coached, go on and progress and do well in their chosen sport.

For people to progress in their sport you also need a club foundation that is forward looking and willing to develop and put in place opportunities for members to develop. I certainly believe Croesoswallt Archers is doing that.

During the year we intend to run a series of Archery Boost sessions for novice and improving archers – Look Out for Information!
We are here to help with all aspects of archery so please do not hesitate to ask.

Colin Chapman - Development Coach

I took up Archery approximately 5 yrs ago having been introduced to the sport courtesy of a hotel chain who run ‘ Have a go’  sessions as part of their stay experience, A walk through my local hospital grounds on a occasion led me to stumble on a few archers shooting on their field. Following a discussion with one or two members, I was informed that it was the “Croesoswallt Archery club” shooting. Advised that it was a long established club and had in fact had a long association with the hospital since the mid 50’s.  Very soon after, I enrolled on a Beginners Course which I thoroughly enjoyed, afterwards becoming a member of AGB and of course the club itself.

After a couple of years of shooting it became obvious that the club was reduced to one Level 1 coach and having had teacher training experience and was an instructor in First Aid, I decided to enrol and train as a Session coach (old level1.) This meant of course that I could now help our existing coach running Beginner courses etc.

Having discovered that the sport of Archery can be quite technical, I could see that there was a need to take this further so that I could offer budding archers a more in depth technical assessment of their shooting and help them develop their knowledge and skills. The course was very in depth and challenging but I learnt a huge amount from it.

I am now in the position of offering all Recurve and Barebow archers of every level coaching as required. This would include a technical assessment including video analysis to discuss with the archer plus appropriate ’Drills & Skills’ introduced in a timely fashion to develop their own skills.

Howard ‘H’ Pimborough - Development Coach

I started archery in 2015, (and my bow collection) with a basic wildcat recurve bow. At that time, it was difficult to find a club, let alone join one. So being resourceful, I built my own 100yd archery range including the target stands and got some private archery training. I soon progressed to freestyle recurve and then to traditional bows. My first American Flatbow started an enduring relationship with historical bows, leading to shooting English Longbow, Horse bows and Flatbows. That’s 4 different bow styles (5 if you are included a brief foray into Barebow recurve!) and quite a large bow collection as a result! I am now practicing Asiatic thumb release, which compliments my interest in historical archery.

I eventually joined a local club and soon became a AGB Level 1 Coach in 2019 and have progressed to AGB Development Coach soon after moving to Croesoswallt Archers in 2022. Over this period, I was a Target Sports Instructor for a local outdoor pursuits centre, instructing axe throwing, shooting and of course archery.

I truly love being a coach, sharing my enthusiasm for the sport and training new archers young and not so young.  It is my intention to create a development programme with our coaching team, to assist archers develop their skills, strength, and mindfulness, regardless of which bow style they choose, and to keep them passionate about the ancient and wonderful sport of archery. 

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