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Alan Jones – Chairperson & Treasurer

Prior to retirement in 2010 I worked for a Multi-National Packaging Company producing various forms of food and beverage containers over a period of 44 years. Most of these years were spent in Quality Management interspersed with short spells in both Production plus Project Management roles.

The last 24 years was spent specifically in the development and manufacture of Easy Open Ends for beverage cans having set up Quality Control Labs, inspection equipment and ISO procedures in 3 manufacturing locations throughout the Middle East & Europe. This included living on average as an ex-pat for 4 years in each location.

My last role as “Quality Manager – Ends, BevCan Europe & Middle East” also encompassed a Customer Technical Services role ( CTS ) supporting all worldwide major beer and soft drinks producers / fillers.

I also represented the company on the Technical Committee of the BCME ( Beverage Can Makers Europe ).

With too much travelling and being away from home for long periods, it was time to retire. So I did and that’s when I found my love of Archery – the rest as they say is only history and memories of those 44 years.

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